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Friday, March 26, 2010

Failure. Part deux.

Last night I was sure we would not fail my sweet Emma again.

No way, no how. She was too precious to let it happen again.

That little bean went to bed by 8pm. Almost on the dot.

Sophie of course, did not.

Tears. Screams. Lots of snot.

Threw us off our game.

I woke up this morning to Emma saying, “Mommy, I haven’t looked under my pillow yet because I am afraid I might have squashed the tooth fairy and she might just be laying there.”

First, *phew* because I wasn’t sure if Chris had swooped into action last night.

Second, *gasp* because I knew I hadn’t swooped into action last night.

“Emma, why don’t you lay in my bed and watch some t.v. until Sophie wakes up. You wouldn’t want to wake her up with any screams of joy {or disappointment}.”

“Good idea mommy.”

*Cue me sprinting out to the kitchen to find out of Chris worked some magic last night*

*Cue my sweet Emma also sprinting out to the kitchen to find out what I had to talk to her daddy about*


Me: {with one eye heavily squinted and speaking out of one side of my mouth} “Um, Chris, Emma here is afraid to look under her pillow. *cough cough*… do you think she should look under her pillow *cough cough* or um *harder eye squint*… do you think she should wait until Sophie wakes up?”

Chris: {also squinting} “Um, Emma why don’t you go watch some tv and wait for Sophie to wake up?”

Emma: “Ok, Daddy. That’s a good idea.”

Damn. Failure part deux.

So off to my bed she goes, only, she sees Sophie awake in the hall now.

{EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEk could this seriously get any worse?}

I insist she give it a minute. What could it hurt, especially if she thought the tooth fairy was dead under her pillow.

And then she says, “Why is Daddy running into my room like that?”

Me: {sweating} “I think he’s getting your clothes out for the day. We’re running late, you know.”

Emma: “Then why am I still in bed?”

Damnit jim.

Me: “Chrrrrrrriiiiiiisssss? We good?”

Chris: “Yes”

At this point I suggested to Emma that she was right and we really needed to get her dressed and ready for the day. Off to her room we went. God love her she was completely unsuspicious. But she WAS afraid of finding a dead fairy.

Instead she found silver coins.

And I finally found peace.


  1. I could almost feel your heart racing in this post. I was wonderful. I'm so glad kids give us a minute to get caught up on things sometimes. Even the tooth fairy needs a little help.

  2. Man being a parent is hard work! Especially when you're doubling as three other personae! ;)