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Monday, March 29, 2010

A la Pants on the Ground…

Ivy on my butt.  Ivy on my butt.  Feeling like a fool with this ivy on my butt. 

Scratch.  Itch.  SCRATCH. 

Someone actually told me today that i should scootch my butt across the carpet like a dog.

{half brilliant, half horribly disturbing}

Still have ivy on my butt -- spread to my back.  Little bit on my arm.  None of it enough to make me take a curling iron to it.   But man, it is itchy!  Itchy enough that I would bring it up at work to ask for suggestions.  And disclose my most secret location of itchiness.

But in other news, Tyler over at Blue Lily is back and finished his 5th installment of his hop hopera.  What will I do with my life when he's done with it?  *siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*  Tyler, you can never ever go away again mid-hopera.  It is forbidden.

I plan on shedding a single tear tomorrow.  In memoriam of what existed as their courtship.  I mean, who doesn't love hearing amazingly awkward love stories?   I know I sure do. 

I also laugh at other people's misfortunes.  Sometimes.  I mean, only if I know them.  And then I always try to help them when I'm done.  Sue me. 

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