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Monday, March 15, 2010

stonewall. buttcrack.

we took advantage of the wonderful weather last weekend.
well, two weekends ago.
we went to one of the area battlefields with some of my in-laws.
of course, this was already partially blogged about.
but here are the pictures
above is mia.  
darling nursemaid mia.

they reenacted their own civil war.
the girls, of course, took care of the wounded soldiers.
it was all very cute and i especially liked the fact that the big kids taught my kids how to use their imaginations like this.

here comes trouble.
mrs. sassy herself was not exactly happy nor patient that day.

but of course, every time we came upon one of these "bridges"...
she was happy as a clam.
why couldn't the entire trail be like a bridge?

sassafrass jumping the fence.

no bridges here.
just crack.

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