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Monday, March 15, 2010

keeping busy.

this is a short depiction of the artwork i put together for my sister.
she has a dark chocolate wall that she needed something for.
i went metallic.
this bronze was AMAZING.
so glad i took that risk - it paid off, for sure.

i did a weaved brushstroke.
i have no idea if that is a truly technical term.
but it works for my purposes.
i would love to do this in the future with more weaving.

i have done two zinnia prints so far {this was the 2nd}.
the first was on a large canvas, with the standard white background and brighter color scheme {for me}.
my sister's had to go with her brown/blue decor.  
and for some reason, i felt the need to personalize this for them.

two days.  about 10 hours of work.  that's it.

the end product.
i can't wait to see it on her wall.
should she ever decide to actually hang it.
maybe she'd be so kind as to send me a picture.

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