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Sunday, March 7, 2010


what a wonderful springlike weekend!  yippeeeeee!  i don't think there is a person around here that didn't need the freedom that wonderful weather brought our way.  lots of good stuff to do...

we went to a battlefield with some of the in-laws... 
it was a great little hike followed by a great little lunch.  brickovenpizzasaywhaaaaa?  
then date night with my hubby.  
and today we went down to richmond to the apple store.  
it was a fabulous afternoon spent at an outdoor mall with three well-behaved kids enjoying the springlike weather and extra treats to keep them well behaved.  
woot woot for that.  
and to top it all off we had my sis with me the entire time.  

if i could get a job at apple and support my family off of that salary, you'd be darn tootin that i'd do it.  because those people are awesome.  it's not awesome that i have to drive all the way back down there to pick my mac back up, bit it is awesome that it is only going to take a day to fix and also because i get to hit up that fabulous mall again.  and i totally stay away from malls.  unless they are online.  so that's sayin something.

to thank my sister for being an aunt all day today, she'll be receiving her homemade artwork extra early... and let me tell you... it is extra awesome.  if i had my computer i'd upload pics immediately because while i don't like to brag, i'm totally going to.  i love that jank.

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