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Sunday, March 7, 2010

oh little paulypoodleous.

we'll be sending you boxes often and thinking of you more than often.
we certainly can't thank you enough for your sacrifices.
{because as you know, the list is long and full}
and don't say they're not sacrifices because they are.
and you are a hero in our books, whether or not you think so.

to say we're proud is just kind of pathetic...
because we are SO proud it hurts.
we love you.
we do.
and when you get back, we're going to celebrate.
better than the limo night.
because who on god's green earth would want to relive that?

a brother on the ground.
another in the air.
keep each other safe, would you?
can't wait to get you guys back.

be smart.  be safe.

the hamakos

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