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Thursday, March 18, 2010

scary hair.

so i did it.  i dragged my sick, weak, pathetic body into work for three looooong hours today.i probably could have stuck around longer, but all those men screaming, hooting, hollering across all the quads of cubes made me feel like i was in the middle of a daycare center today.  my head hurt.

{peace out work}

let me just mention how many of those guys insisted on coming up to me to tell me how pale, sick, and tired i looked.

DO YOU SEE THIS?!  this took FOREVER for me to accomplish this morning, and granted, it isn't the hottest looking piece of face you've ever seen but let me tell you... this took me five times as long to accomplish today as it would on a normal day. and it's not even as good as i usually make it.  GIVE ME SOME STINKING CREDIT FOR COMING INTO WORK!  Didn't your mother teach you any manners!

{perhaps i should have shown them yesterday's self-portrait}

{or perhaps NOT}

so my gracious hubby was the maestro of transportation today and picked me up from daycare at noon. he took me for a quick bite to eat before safely returning me home.

and now i'm back in bed.  only, i just got up to go to the bathroom and noticed a very SCARY HAIR sticking out of my nose.

what the hell?  did hubby not see that?  because it was shockingly obvious.  the only good thing is that i know if anyone at work saw it, they would have told me.  {that brutal honesty thing).

between that scary hair, my man cough, and man gas, i'm a real catch these days.  how can i make lemonade of THIS?????????

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