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Thursday, March 18, 2010



Part of my rehabilitative therapy over the week (self-induced) was sitting out on the deck breathing in the 65 degree weather with my three year old.  dag.  she's cute.  we blew bubbles.  she blew bubbles, rather.  i didn't have the strength to breath out hard enough.

it was so nice outside, however, my nose recognized that old, familiar, little killer-ingredient in the air that quickly wreaks havoc on my family twice a year for two months at a time.  


damn killer of healthy springs and falls.

so tonight i started our spring and fall nightly rituals.


God love you.

p.s. up until the age of 4, emma would make all of her "L" sounds "R" - that may be the only bit of her that convinced anyone she was half-asian.  if these pictures were of emma, we would have been calling them bubbers today.  kind of makes me sad.  they grow so quickly.  and that is NOT cliche.

1 comment:

  1. LOL bubble photos cracked me up at the end

    she is very cute