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Friday, March 12, 2010

meltdown madness

we went out for dinner tonight.
just the five of us.
we've been home for an hour.
fifty-nine minutes of which have been nothing but...
meltdown madness.

"i'mmmmmmmmm hungraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay."

then have some grapes.

"i don't WANT grapes. I just need a cookaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay."

you don't need junk.

"but i'm hungraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay and you won't feed me."

you are just tired.  you had a busy day and you're ready for bed.

*cue screechy voice, in the highest pitch ever*


*cue emma's signature moooooooooooooans for what seems like one quarter of a million long and painful minutes while all you want to do is jab something sharp into your ears* 

rewind 21 years ago.  i remember being 10 and going to a friend's house and getting in trouble.  i mean... we both got in trouble.  of course, as a guest, i didn't really get yelled at.  but i guess she didn't either.  

she kind of got cattle prodded.  
{that jank worked.} 

it sceered the bejeezus out of both of us and neither of us continued doing whatever it was that we were doing.  it worked.  what the heck is the 2010 version that won't get me sent to jail?  something tells me that both the girls could both use a nice little zinger to snap them out of things sometimes.  

too bad i don't have a dairy farm.  

of course i would never prod my children.  they aren't cattle.  duh.  but they do follow me around this house like a pack of wolves... so how do you stun those suckers? 

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