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Thursday, March 25, 2010


yesterday my sweet little emma tore her tooth out on purpose. that sucker had at LEAST another week to go. but when she wants something, she works hard to get it. even when that means shedding blood all day at school. because that girl, let me tell you........ she worked hard on that tooth all DAY yesterday.

and even harder than she worked on removing it, she worked on the perfect placement of it under her pillow.

see, unfortunately, sweet emma shares a room with crazed out sophie. sophie doesn't like going to bed easily.

girl wears. you. out.

so imagine being in bed this morning, having hit the snooze button twice already, and hearing your six year old scream......


freaking schnikes.

tooth fairy failure.  in the zone.  SLAMDUNK.

this isn't the first time the tooth fairy has flaked out in this house, thank G.  but it didn't mean my stomach didn't drop through my feet, because it most certainly did.

chris swooped in quickly with... "UH OH!  Must have gone to bed too late last night.  We'll have to try again tonight."

and then she came to me.

disappointed.  head hung low.  with a confession.

"Mommy, I'm not going to lie.  I kept waking up all night to check on the tooth."


"Well, Emma, that probably explains it.  She doesn't want to be seen so you probably scared her away."


"Oh MAN.  I messed up big time."

*cue mommy feeling even worse for putting any guilt onto my SIX YEAR OLD in hopes of relieving her OWN guilt!*

i felt pretty sucky today. 

how could i do that to a girl who will gladly let a one year old slather her face with birthday cake just to give the baby a laugh?!

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