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Monday, March 22, 2010

annapolis. *sigh*

My sweeties. Lookin fly in Annapolis.
Right after this picture E spotted a seagull doin’ it’s business right overhead.
Thank heavens the poop landed on his arm.
Because his mouth was awfully big as he was screaming…
“POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!” while looking up.

Look at precious Emma. Here she stands next to two larger-type dogs.
Bearded collies.
Coco and Kingsley.
Apparently they are very good at competing.
They are also very good at being nice to children.
Emma did a great job at petting them.
And that’s a huge deal.
Sobooyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Mr. Fear of Dogs!!

Annapolis is a big boating town.
Home of the United States Naval Academy.
{it’s kind of a big deal in this house}
This cute little red sailboat spoke to me.
{errrrrrrrrrrrrica…. Come out to sea with meeeeeeeeeeee….}
Unfortunately, I couldn’t take it up on its offer…
I had a much bigger deal to go to this day.

This was the home to my little brother for four years.
It kind of signifies when my life really took shape.
My adult life.
Not from hanging out there.
But more because it often involved me driving to pick Cliffy up on a Friday before I could start my weekend with my beau.
And I was so happy to do so.
I love my brother.

The top of the chapel sticking out through a tree. I love that place.

Ethan and Nick {aka Stickboy}
On the USNA golf course killin’ time while waiting for Mia to skate.

This was a tough day for Sophie. She was sick, didn’t sleep the night before, and barely took a nap in the car. She also had to endure an hour of parking-space-finding that afternoon.
That is never fun.

Sweet Emma… looks so good in blue.
She is getting so big.
And so much like her cousin, Mia.
I just wish she’d be un-shy like Mia, too.
This little bug won’t play any sports for fear of …
PEOPLE LOOKING AT HER. It makes me sad.

Wait until she realizes people always stare at her.
That’s what people do to adorably angelic little faces.

Inside the rink.
Wait … er… MIAAAAAAA!

Mia warming up. Sophie watching every move.

This girl was doing dance moves like it was her j-o-b.

Here she is doing what she does ohhhh sooooo welllllll.
She sure is a sight to behold and let me tell you…
I usually cry.
But, this day goes in the record books because it was the first time I didn’t shed a single tear.
I had so much fun with her new routine all I could do was SMILE!!!

Anxiously waiting for the results.
Although, we all knew who we THOUGHT should win…



Auntie Erica

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