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Saturday, February 13, 2010

school closed. work closed. snow, snow, snow.

where do i even start?

snowy days are not what i view as perfect days.  unless, we are kidless by a fire with lots of coffee, reading material, and bearskin rugs. 
alas, that is not what happened during snowmagedon 2010. 

we spent so much time together in our small quarters here.  i, snowed in from work, was also sick with a putrid cold.  i had forgotten how obnoxious they were.  i'm used to allergies so i figured the cold would be cake.  but how wrong was i?  so, so wrong.

three days in bed.  small portions of each day i made it to my feet to prepare food for myself.  i was extra picky and didn't have the heart to ask chris to serve me, just as he was forced to do with all the children.  on day three i felt extreme guilt.  guilt that i wasn't "fun" for my children.  guilt that i hadn't done more to take the weight off chris's shoulders.  guilt that i was sick.  and a slacker.  so i baked.  and cooked.  and made pies.  within the 5 days we were snowed in, three of which i was completely sick, i had somehow managed to make three home-cooked meals {goat cheese stuffed chicken breast, pot roast, and spaghetti (sauce from SCRATCH!)}... and also made those pretzel/hershey kiss/m&m thingamabobs... a batch of pumpkin bars with homemade icing and two chocolate pies.  and some random bruchetta.

needless to say, i'm a bit heavier after those 5 days of being home.  but it was kind of fun adding on those pounds.  i actually wanted to eat my own food.  fabulous!

before snowmagedon got really.... horrible.
although by the looks of Aidan jumping out of the picture...
he thought it was horrible.

here are the kids with Frosty.  i should say, Frosty II.
emma's face says a lot, doesn't it?
the other kids seemed to take pleasure in seeing him crash.

sophie laughed.  and then they all saw my face... 
reference next picture...

"put him back together - i don't think mom is happy!"

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