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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

poor little pup

poor doggie.
poor, dirty toothed doggie.
poor, dirty toothed with a bad liver ... doggie.

today jiggah went back to the vet.
he fasted 12 hrs last night.
he had to have an empty stomach for the first test.
then they fed him.

does your dog eat in strange places?
because mine only seems to panic.

does your dog drink from a bowl, or, one of those water bottles suspended from cagey thingies?
because mine drinks out of a bowl.

my vet is apparently a horrible place for my dog.
he fasted last night.
he refused food 13 hours later.
he didn't know how to operate the water bottle.
little jiggah was a thirsty boy.

as soon as he walked in the door tonight, an entire 21 hours since his last drink and bit of food,
he drank.  and drank.  and drank.
we all watched thinking, "how the heck is he going to keep that water in his body to make it out the door? and did he seriously just drink that entire bowl of water?

oh lordy.

i found a small piece of steak and two small pills....
in a puddle of water.
in my room.
on my RUG.

on my rug.

no.  he didn't keep it in his body.
he showered our rug... with gratitude for saving him today.
that's my spin on it.

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