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Sunday, February 21, 2010

another four courser

it's so cliche these days.  this i know.
that movie changed my outlook on life... when it comes to cooking.

today i put together my menu, ventured out to retrieve my out-of-stock items, and prepped our dinner.  for two hours.  all the salad items are pre-cut.  the miso soup is simple to throw together.  the steaks and mushrooms are marinating, and dessert is baking at 350 degrees as we speak.

my apron has become a part of me!!

i never thought i would say that.  let alone live that.  it's beautiful and i love it.  bright.  cheery.  floral.  and ruffles.  dare i say i look awesome as i cook?  {because i do}

there are definitely days when i don't feel like picking up a single pot.  {but let's face it... do they ever go away?}  every singe day since watching that movie i think about making something.  about what would be tasty, succulent... bottom line, YUMMY.

there is not one single person in this house that will mock me for watching that movie and being effected by it.  because they, just like myself, LOVE FOOD.  and they prosper thrice weekly because of her


if you haven't seen this... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????
Because this woman...

... she was just adorable.
She made me not afraid to admit i love food.
She made me not afraid to lick my fingers.
She made me not afraid to try new things... make mistakes... use REAL butter...
...and admit that food makes me happy.

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