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Sunday, January 24, 2010


i have birthed three children.  that is three pregnancies i have lived through, just to clarify. 

i have never had heartburn in my life to the level that i experienced today.

{not even when pregnant}

i'm pretty sure i was dying.  if, at any point in my life, did i feel like i was dying, it was today.

after dinner, enjoying a cookie.

explosion.  (my heart)

gasping for air, i was brought to my knees.  why on earth does the pain go right through you?  front to back.  up and down.  i couldn't roll forward, i couldn't sit up straight.

i was sure i was dying.

it hurt to laugh.  sophie was in front of me doing that funny face of her's -- the one where she literally bends her eyebrows into upside down "Vs".  it was hysterical.  and excruciating.

my question is... what the hell is heartburn and why do i seem to get it at least once a week?

is it........ *gulp*............. because, perhaps, someone perceives me as being old *coughGodcough* and this is just what happens to you when you get old?

how do you get over heartburn?  i'm still in pain, but thank the sweet heavens it is not the shooting pain I had earlier -- how do i get completely over this?  certainly another cookie is not the answer... but maybe I should just check to be safe...

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