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Monday, February 22, 2010

toot toot

tonight i was rolling solo.  mr. honey bunny was at school working on one of his mid-terms.  i was left with the chillens.  so dinner we shared, stories of our day were had... and homework was finished.  thank you jeebus.  that stuff is cr@p.  i mean, nothing personal, teachers of america, but this much homework in second grade?  i didn't dislike school until after 2nd grade.  but suddenly?  i'm so over this jank.

so instead of reading books to the kids tonight i figured i would try something new.  we would create a story together.  i thought the kids would really dig this. 

oh, and they did.

they laughed hysterically.  and couldn't stop.

but do you know why?  every sentence they spoke was about tooting/toots/toot bubbles/toot smells... for example:

Mommy: There once was a boy that lived in the jungle.
Sophie It was a naked jungle and it smelled like toots.
EmmaHe met an elephant who tooted.
EthanAnd then his breath smelled like toots.
Mommy: So he went deep into the jungle to find a waterfall.  Here he washed his mouth out to get rid of the stench.
Emma: But then he fell into the water and couldn't swim.  So he tooted so the air bubbles would push him to the top.

You catch my drift, i'm sure.
hysterics, i tell you.

so my big girl voice told them to stop and not talk about toots and all of their grossness.  but in my head... i was ... how do you put it?

 { i love them. }

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