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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

work work work work work

it's a sad day.
work news blows.
makes for an internally rainy day.
i'm not in the mood for rain.
i was just talking about my non-rainy spirit.
but now it's thunderstorming.
in my heart.
it's not my turn for the real pain and worry.
{but that will come.}
for now i wallow in the sorrow of my compadres.
people that love power and control, effect the lives of many.
it can be very dangerous.
but i thought we...
silly girl.  we need to be bigger.  for, being bigger means having more power.  {cue evil laugh}
i have three little mouths to greet me at the door at night.
mouths to feed.
mouths to keep happy.
mouths to entertain.
mouths to keep safe.
mouths to educate.
mouths to have faith in me.
{no control.}

{frustration.  worry.  anger.  sick-to-my-stomach.}

this is why we all need to figure out ways to be independently wealthy. 

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