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Sunday, November 15, 2009

lazy sunday

to get up... or not get up... finally!  i get to ask that question.

it's 9:33am and i'm still lounging in bed.  it was my turn today.  i think chris stayed in bed yesterday until10:30am... and yesterday was a FAR worse morning to be the one to get up with the kids.  rain.  fighting.  whining... that's when you want to stay in that bed until it all goes away.

today the kids slept in a bit.  no fighting.  sun shining.  it just felt... different.  and the kids felt that difference.

but i sit here blogging for fear of showing my face out there.  once you do it, you can't go back in time.  it will feel good at first... i'm sure i'll hear three separate voices scream "Moooommmmyyyyyyy!" 

but then it will start...

"Emma didn't give me...."

"Ethan didn't let me...."

"Sophie is so meeeaaannnnn...."

And then, to prove my point further... Emma just walked into my room with a cloth babydoll that had just landed itself in a CANDLE and lit on FIRE!!  This is all crazy... why would i want to deal with that?

Because I need to make sure my house doesn't burn to the ground and Dad thought it was ok to leave them alone while he went outside while candles were lit on a table well in reach of my crazy THREE YEAR OLD! 

*note* When Emma came in to tell me about the baby doll she was laughing.  She tells me the entire story and I asked... "OMG did you FREAK OUT?!"  She stops laughing and breathing and says... "Heeeeeeeck YEAH!" Momma did too... peace out, Mr. Bed!

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