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Saturday, November 7, 2009

yay for football ending... i think. on second thought...

football season is over.  i feel so happy to have major control back over my time 4 days a week.  it's completely liberating to say we're done. 

but i'm sad.

{don't think i'm a freak.}

i've never been on a team where it's felt very much like family... as far as the sidelines go.  it's been so nice to get to know this particular set of parents.  i'm not saying i know them all, but i wouldn't mind knowing them all, and that's kind of amazing {especially for those that know me} -- i'm sad i won't be forced to sit in the same small area 6-8 hours a week chatting about our lives {and occasional dissatisfaction that football consumes 6-8 hours a week}.  great people on the sidelines with me.  it made it all a bit easier.

so to separate for the first time since july seems a bit... confusing for me.  how do i keep them all in our lives somehow?! 

{i'm a freak.  i know.}

i may not have liked the coaches, or the way they coached, but i did love the parents.  and the kids.  it was fun being a fan.

on a separate note... we asked my dad to move out of our house a couple of months ago.  {this has all been awful}.  he decided to find a place to go to, and in the mean time has been staying at his ex-wife's house so that he can steer clear of me.  so, how odd for me to come home from a day of football to find all of my date-night leftovers , which i had been eagerly anticipating having for dinner tonight, were no longer in my refrigerator.  who, oh who, could have taken my food? 

i.   love.   food. 
especially food that i have bought, paid to have served to me, and even left a tip for.

thank G this nightmare is coming to an end.  you try to help someone live a good life and...

they steal your leftovers.

{i only mention this part of my day since it literally just happened.  right as i type away.  sorry that it now means my blog doesn't really flow today.}

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