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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


this was beerfest.

it was... simply put...
a mess.

we went to honor one man...

david santino "30 year old" anthes
{he loves purple}

it was a beautiful sunday afternoon, however, just a bit on the chilly side.
{and let us not forget, muddy side as well}

i wish i liked beer more. i stuck mainly to ciders. it's always hard for me to step out of my comfortable "beer box" and try random beers.

sweet potato and black pepper beer.

watermelon beer.

clove and cinnamon beer.

beer that would equate to loaves of bread.

those are hard for me to actually go up and REQUEST. the clearer the better, as far as I'm concerned.

above is my sister Andrea... AKA "Dre" ... AKA "Mama Dre"... since this was our first brewfest nobody had thought to bring galoshes. so dre wore loafers.
there was a huge fan of her loafers in attendance that day.
the mud.
the mud didn't want to let go of her loafers.
the mud didn't want to let several other peoples' flip flops go, either.
people. went. barefoot.
cold. nasty. beerlogged. mud.
dre chose to keep her loafers on her feet.
while she smoked a vanilla cigar.

cheers to turning 30!

cheers to sisters!

cheers to first and lasting loves!

it wasn't all about the beer that day. or the mud.
it was great to be together again.

family. {also best friends.}

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