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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

beautiful visions of my genetic make-up

so this is "girls' day out" clothing line.
it is sold at my mom's store.
my girls were asked to model.
it took me weeks to actually follow through with the request.
{it was a daunting request.}

they are angelic, wouldn't you agree?

they could've modeled all day for me. pose after pose after pose. i was the first to give up.

but more than their beauty, in these pictures i notice their distinct differences. they are cut from the same cloth yet look like they could easily be neighbors on the same street rather than sisters from the same womb.

and to think... when little sophie came out back in 2006 we thought SHE was the oddball. we expected another anomaly. we got 100% asian. we were floored.

they're both keepers. at least 75% of the time i am convinced of it.

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