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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

sick day. unfortunately, that is for real.

monday i got word that my angelic first born was staying home from school sick with a cough and a fever. and then yesterday i had to stay home with him so hubby could go register for next semester. so who is the one to cuddle and protect all day long? me. you know who didn't cuddle and protect?

my immune system.

and thus it begins. achy bones, a nasty cough... headache. chills.

but how could i refuse my 7 year old's request to cuddle all night long?

some things are just plain impossible.
some things are not.
{like catching the flu from your sick angelic 7 year old.}

{although, i'm still praying that i can remain in denial of that until
after the storm passes. it makes me feel more in control.}

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