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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Only child

Today I only had an only child. Having one kid is like having no kids when you always have three kids. I kid you not.

It was only for 2 and a half hours. But I like my two year old. She's really funny and uber-cute.

Grocery Shopping.

Neither Sophie nor myself understood why people dressed in costumes would swarm around children that obviously do not want to be swarmed around. Some guy dressed up as the Cheetohs cat would not leave us alone. It was borderline torture. And when I say "wouldn't leave us alone" I mean, when we said "NO we don't want your free chips!" he proceeded to tell us we were crazy because they were F-R-E-E.

He kind of had a point. Have any of you seen the state of our economy?

We came home from the grocery store and had lunch together. Have I mentioned how cute my two year old is? Edible. Upon cleaning up the dishes my two year old swoops into the kitchen to ask me...

"So what else fun can we do todaaaaaaaay, momMAAAAY? Let's laugh some more."

I can't make this jank up. She likes me! Sometimes when you have a two year old that, well, acts like a two year old, you sometimes wonder if they like you at all...and vice versa. Because let's face it, two year olds stink. {I say that in the most loving, exaggerated, and literal sense of that word.}

So..........................we baked a cake.

I let her eat the batter. I never let my kids eat the batter. But she's my last baby and was my only child today. I was eating her up watching her eat up the batter. I could do this everyday.

But then....................I could do this every day for each of my three pups.
They are all so freaking yummy.

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