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Monday, April 20, 2009


my plan is working... my evil plan is working, bwaHAHAHAHHA...

{... only it's not so evil, but it really is a plan.}

I played hookie from work last friday. Don't worry. it was completely legal. {i let the boss know in advance.} I am trying my darndest to get my kids back on my side, as in... think I'm funny, entertaining, and a pleasure to be around. That's hard to do when you haven't been funny, entertaining, or a pleasure to be around for the past 4 months. Let's not forget, they are kids and... well... the last four months are the closest memories they've got, so if I was a grump at any point over those last four months, apparently I've been a grump my entire life.

The ever-so-flexible daddy-o-my-babies (and also conveniently enough, my hubby) and I took them down to CMoR (Children's Museum of Richmond). We took them there a couple of years ago, but let's face it... that was when the oldest was 4, the middle one was 3, and oh, the last one was a nice ripe year old. Not as fun. More like frustrating. But this year? This year rocked. I was much more mellow and the kids were much more manageable... they actually knew how to listen and follow rules.

see. they listened when i said...
"stand in the middle and reach for the sky!"

and then they listened when i said...
"sit together and say cheese. or pickles. or just smile if you love me."

see. he listened when i asked...
"could you please put on this dress-up car-mechanic-shirt
even though you're 6 1/2 and i know it's
against every bone in your body to do so?"

the girls stayed in one spot just liked I asked.
even when big kids tried pushing her out from behind the wheel...
sophie stayed in her spot.
{probably just because she wanted to be the driver}

even though they wanted to go back inside, these two monkies
graciously smiled for the camera.
such a symbiotic relationshiop.

and even though i was ready to go and the kids didn't want any more pictures...
i continued to play in the jungle and they patronized me with
one. more. group. picture.

i think they learn having a great day goes both ways.

three cheers for an awesome day.
even the butterflies seemed extra fluttery...
just. for. us.

all i know is ...
i want to be better.
for me.
for my kids.
so maybe i'll play hookie a little more often.

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