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Saturday, December 6, 2008

neighborly neighbors

don't you love a good neighbor? i didn't realize how great they were until we actually had a set. that we liked.

we've lived in this house for over 6 years and this year was the first we'd actually became friends with a set of neighbors. i thought it was overrated until we met the vanns.

so this morning was my OH-so-important meeting with that VERY important man. mrs. vann kindly called me to see if i'd like her to take ethan up to the school this morning, along with her twins for the breakfast, workshop, and pictures.

{what?! you mean.... i might get the chance to stay in my jammies a little longer and actually enJOY my coffee? }

i took the deal. i took it faster than i thought i was physically able to take things. i don't think she even finished asking her question before she had her answer.

of course... i try to do the same for her sometimes. in fact, i offered to keep their 2 year old tonight while the parents and twins are in a parade. so...this, my friends, is why having neighbors is great. especially co-oping parents.

but to answer some of your questions... yes, i really was looking forward to going and enjoying this time with my kids. however, sometimes things pop up and all of the sudden you are sick to your stomach. so then you really don't look forward to going anymore. and that's ok. it's called life happens. we're very used to that around here these days.

so in lieu of all of us going up there for "the meeting" i get to blog and drink coffee and my lovely hubbie gets to go up on the roof and attach christmas lights to the house. it was kind of.... meant to be. wouldn't you think?

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