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Friday, December 5, 2008

it's frideeeeeeeeee!

it's friday. and you know what that means... another busy weekend. we've got a very important meeting tomorrow with an extremely important man. i would tell you who he is but i don't want you getting all jealous on me, and such. well. ok. fine. we're having breakfast with santa. shhhhh. i don't need the entire world to know he's in town. because, you see, if we're not part of the first 200 people there, we don't get fed. i mean we still get to see santa, but, well, you know... some would say i'm driven by food.

{i think they're right, but that's not the point.}

after that we get to go to a parade out in the county. there's another one in the city that night, but... it's a little too chaotic for me. not to mention, i get free hot chocolate at the county parade.

we still need to put up our christmas lights on the house, so cross your fingers we get that done folks! it makes coming home all the better each night. i love it. and beyond doing all things christmas, i really want to take the opportunity to relax. if you can recall, my thanksgiving weekend {all four days of it} were very busy. i would love to be able to finish my 2nd twilight novel. "novel." maybe during sunday afternoon football while the girls are a-nappin'.

happy friday to all, and to all a happy friday.

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