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Thursday, November 20, 2008

we've all got issues

we all have issues. most of mine are likely different than yours. some of mine might be the same, but even when they are the same, they are so vastly different because we live different lives.

i don't like it when friends vent and tell me they should probably not complain to me because of everything i have going on in my own life... that they feel like they're whining.
{note to self: maybe i should get the definition of friend tattooed across my forehead}

i love people. i love helping people. sometimes my "help" gets misinterpreted. sometimes my "help" is more about knowing i did all i could to make someone else's life better or easier than it is about actually helping them. does that make sense?

it means, i'm selfish. so sue me.

it's ironic. this is the year i decided to volunteer more at my kids' schools. to donate more time and money to wonderful charities and research. this is the year i wanted to do more for people. this is also the year my husband lost his job. what a downer!

it's been an eye opening year for me.

i'm finding out i'm still in love with my husband {reference an earlier post}. all this during the most stressful period of our marriage. i'm realizing i'm pretty lucky that during a time like this, our love just seems to grow Grow GROW. i'm finding out that i really do love to craft. i'm figuring out it's ok to want to learn to sew. i'm learning that patience is unbelievably important in our ability to be happy, and it's kind of a nice change of pace. i'm also learning that positive thinking can lead to a more positive way of living....that it will just become that naturally.

i know i was put on this earth to be a mother. i've known that since i was a child. i know i was brought here to be the mother of my three little peas.

{we were meant for each other long before we ever met}

i have learned that i control very little in this life and through positive thinking i am learning to be able to handle the hand i've been dealt. i'm trying to live my life with purpose. purpose. do people realize they have an unselfish purpose in life? a purpose that is unrelated to them being...themselves? a real purpose to this world?

maybe i'll never fully know or understand my full purpose in life. but... i feel as though as long as i am cognizant of the fact that i want there to be purpose and i am driven to make sure i have purpose...i'll just bless the world twice over?! one can only hope.

for now, i'm just happy knowing i can be there to lend an ear to a friend in a time of need.

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