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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

positive thinking. nuff said.

sometimes life can get you down.

i know this ALL too well. and sometimes being down is tough to change. and sometimes you don't even want to change it.

i'm really interested in the power of positive thinking these days. you wanna know why?

chris and i are currently undergoing a 7 week love exercise. on day 2, something happened. our task that we answered independently of one another was answered exactly the same.

"think of a good time in your marriage and write about it."

as i was the only one that actually wrote out the assignment, i asked him to go first. all he said was "atlantic" and i started laughing. i couldn't believe it. who would've thought that over these last 8 years we both would've picked our trip to atlantic city playing Indian Poker in the car stuck in awful traffic as that good time in our marriage. that trip took place 5 months into our relationship and it wasn't our most exciting trip we've taken these last 8 years.

positive thinking doesn't just entail thinking these things... it includes talking about these things. and talking about these things leads to more positive thinking.

{like, remember that time i took chris {knowingly} to a gay bar and he was definitely the apple of that one guy's eye?
he didn't even freak out. he just kept drinking his courvoisier or whatever that manly drink was and played it cool.
he did that for me. and i liked it.}

you know what was one of the nicest parts of this exercise? the fact that we talked about it in bed so that the last thing i felt as i started dozing was elation. i was feeling as though we were a team. was feeling though we truly are united in love. in love.

{i'm still in love.}

i have been so caught up in the quick of living my reality that i haven't taken the time to really think about that. when a couple gets so caught up in the life of your children, work, and activities, you can kind of forget that you're also in love...that you're part of a couple. an in-love couple.

not a couple of parents.

not a couple of friends.

a couple in L-O-V-E.

if you're not nuturing that love, what will happen? if you don't take time to smell the miss something. and believe me, this is new to me too. if you recall, just last week i was asking for pointers on how to do this. but i'm finding that with some things in life, if you really want them, it's worth every effort to make it good. and memorable. and meaningful.

so this is where i'm at today. i'm completely excited to talk about tonight's task with...


{not my kids' father. not my friend, chris. not mr. funnyman}


learning lasts a lifetime. i'm getting that. gladly.

"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." Abraham Lincoln

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