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Monday, November 24, 2008

family portraits (or attempts, thereof)

This was the weekend we had our family pictures taken, which obviously means, this is the weekend I would spend hours carefully planning and executing perfect outfits and hair for my entire family, thus sweating for hours on end only to barely get myself ready in time for our appointment.

I love family pictures. I love having a baseline for reference on my children’s growth, year by year. It’s been 2 years since our last family portrait. And OH how I regret not taking Sophie for regular photos over all this time…totally a deer in the headlights as far as smiling went.

Not only was she not smiley… her hair… her long curly hair… her long curly hair that I spent 30 mins getting “perfect” was anything BUT perfect on film. Say it with me folks, S-T-R-I-N-G-Y. *oye* so disappointing. So Sunday we cut it. I got out my scissors and some cheese and crackers and took control of the situation. Much better, only 24 hours too late.

Our family portrait came out mediocre, but getting 3 kids to all smile at the same time in the same direction is damned near impossible. {Unless you take their auntie along to get them rolling in laughter like only an auntie can. Unfortunately I thought of that a little too late.} So, while my portrait isn’t exactly as I pictured it when getting ready that day, I’ll take it. And I won’t go back for another year. But…I still need to get Sophie’s redone. Unfortunately, now when people receive both our family portrait and the kids’ individual shots, her hair will be long in one and short in the other.

But you know, if this is the only problem I had to endure this weekend…
I guess I am awfully lucky.

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