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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i got that feelin'....

'tis the season ... to get that feeling.

{that funky feeling}

that christmas is almost here.

ooo yeah.
ooo yeah.

i'm ready. BOY am i ready. i love the holidays, and how convenient that thanksgiving is next week.

{i'm kind of driven by food and the holidays = great meals!}

i'm so inspired this year, thanks to blogs like this, this, and this... i can't wait to see what i'm capable of this year. of course, don't hold it against me if my capability isn't put to full use. i tend to be ambitious at heart but then reality has a way of slapping me in the face sometimes.

and that's ok. because my reality is kind of nice.

a boy.

two girls.

and a man. {hubba hubba}

and let's not forget...
much love.

it's about love, afterall. you know... life. what is life without it? i'm lucky to be SURROUNDED by it day in and day out. in fact, chris and i are actually beginning a great "love exercise" {get your mind out of the gutter, folks}....

for 7 weeks we're working on training our minds to think positively. what, you ask, is this for? let me show you...


marriage is work. you can't deny that, and if you try to, you're fooling yourself. it's something that you have to keep at, to make it wonderful, to make it meaningful.

everyday we are given a thought. we have to think the thought as much as possible for the entire day. during the day we have to write down a certain task that accompanies that thought and at the end of the day we share it with our partner.


thought: i am genuinely fond of my partner.

task: list one characteristic you find endearing or lovable about your partner

this continues five days a week for seven days a week. at the end the hope is that positive thinking becomes second nature, as does the appreciation for your marriage and what you have together. it's about enriching your marriage.

i hope this christmas is our best yet. not because of materialistic things. because we are strong. together. i hope our marital growth this year makes for the most meaningful celebration ever. together. i'm excited about this more than the meals this year. {can you believe THAT?} but i am. love is grand...and i'm learning it's also patient. and kind. and not boastful. pure love is unbelievably innocent. it's a pretty nice thing to have while i'm floating on cloud 9 ...

'tis the season, don'tcha know!

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