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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

warm and full of love.

i will pop in for tonight.
{because it was valentine's day today, and i love you.}

today i was able to celebrate my loves.
particularly, my young ones.
and it was all about our love.

for some reason ethan was particularly touched by what v-day represented.
he cried about how thankful he was to have chris and myself for parents.

he cried about how blessed he was, even if he didn't know what exactly "blessed"meant.

he cried because he  
never wanted our love to change.

he's eight.
he's eight and aware that our love will change.
because one day it will.
and i won't find myself to be his favorite woman in the world.
and he will no longer want that one last hug before bed.

and that scares him.

my son has been on a whirl, of late, calculating how old he thinks he'll be when both chris and i die.  it is so sad to me that he is worrying about this.  he is only eight.

last week i went to tuck him in and i found him surrounded in his bed by his baby books.  you know, the cardboard books with big words, but only about two on any given page.

and he was in tears.

he was afraid that he would grow up and i wouldn't love him like i did when he was a baby.  he was afraid of losing "cuddle-time," secret smootches, and uber-awesome hugs.  he was afraid that one day he would  give me limp hugs.  not by choice, but by nature.

i was in tears.

so tonight i let my children stay up a full hour and a half past their bedtime.
we sang childhood songs.

twinkle, twinkle
hey diddle, diddle
you are my sunshine 
{which kills me EVERYFREAKINGTIME}
jack and jill

and they loved it.
and they laughed.
and they wanted me to record it all on video.
and i did.
and it was awesome.

happy valentine's day, my peeps.
this is the day i will forever celebrate the love of my children.  together.  it is the most honest and pure love i have ever felt in my life.  i don't care if it's a made-up holiday because love should be celebrated.  

they will all have their special individual celebrations of love {their birthdays} but to be able to celebrate our love together, ALL OF US... well, Hallmark... I'll take it.

who couldn't use one more day on the calendar to remind us to celebrate love?

{i tried uploading a 5 minute video of our sillies}
{it ran for 3.5 hrs and still didn't upload.}
{wuddup, blogspot?}

crazy babes.
{please don't grow up on me.}
{ok, but if you have to... please don't forget the memories.}
{they sorta rocked my world.}

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  1. awwww *tear* love my little E!! Make sure he knows his love for his Mama Dre will never change!!