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Friday, January 14, 2011


i love making lists.  so much sometimes, that it's an absolute downfall.  when thinking of lists, though, it makes me think about my calendar(s).  yes.  calendar(s).  i love lists.  i love calendars.  i love to be organized.

coming out of the 2010 holidays................ i am not organized.
not even a little bit.

for an organizer, that's frustrating beyond belief.  i can walk around all day with deodorant at the bottom of my shirt and honestly not care {too much}.   but if i don't have some organization to my life, i feel like everything is spinning out of control.   seriously out of control.

so i took some time this week to make a calendar.  a personal calendar.  and then i realized i really needed a separate work calendar.  and not just one, but three, because i have courses at home, courses on the road, and my guys are all over the map.  i.  need.  three.  calendars.  {justforwork}  

i am only slightly out of control with my calendars.  don't judge.  because it works.  i am now less out of control with my life because of them.

so then imagine my surprise this week when  i was the recipient of a new weekly calendar.  god love the peeps that i work with... they know how to make my life exciting.  details by the week is SO much more of a necessity than simply month by month.  those squares get full fast.  so fast that i have to have four different calendars running just to keep it all square.

but not no mo!

my goal this weekend is to consolidate into one calendar.
that will take some time.
especially with my color coding... but it will all be worth it.
because i will have absoLUTE order back in my life.

unless you count these pipsqueaks...

and by the way...

if you've never played Just Dance 2 on the Wii...
i pity the fool.

because it rocks my socks off my face and it certainly will rock the socks off of your face, too.

we played for FOUR hours this night.
incredible and incredibly hilarious.
i highly recommend.

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