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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

three points.

i came home yesterday a bit worried.
i didn't break all day and knew it would be our first topic of discussion.
he must have felt the same way.

i was in ethan's room helping him understand his homework.
i hear the back door open and little Sophers walk in, declaring,
"Hello PEOPLE!  I am HOME!"
{so cute but so presumptuous.}

i sat and wondered...
"how is this going to unfold?"

and then...

in walks a bouquet of fall flowers.
first apologetic bouquet in years.
i'm pretty sure i started blushing.

"it was inappropriate."
"it was underserving."
"it was unappreciative."
"i was so wrong."

as my four year old would say...
"wigga wigga WHAT?!"

i love him.
i love that he truly has grown.
and i love that he thought about it all day.
sure beats the days when he didn't pay any attention to it.
that kinda sucked.

the words he chose to use in his apology made me feel his love.
he thought about it.
he really did.
he apologized in ways that described exactly how he made me feel.
he is in touch with me.
i feel valid.
i feel loved.
i feel proud.
i {also} feel like i made the right decision in waiting to apologize.
is that so wrong?

maybe it's not that he didn't pay any attention to it in the past...
but more that i didn't give him the time he needed to.
those blaseted catch 22s.


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