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Monday, October 25, 2010

red circles.

i don't think blogging is for everyone.
some people make small talk a little more painful than it should be.
random hillary clinton jokes are really kind of ... blech.

or random conversation during a first encounter about how awesome you look in your white bikini ... um, yeahhhhh, about that.  not so good.

yet some people think it makes sense when first meeting them.  that you really should be interested in that white bikini.
and that's why i know that blogging isn't for everyone.

not everyone has a vocal filter.
not everyone thinks twice about things they say.
this is why blogging isn't for everyone.


i mean, if i sat on here and talked about how awesome i am all the time, you would sit there and click that little red circle at the top left of your mac browser or the little x in the top left of your MS browser.

and i can't blame you, only, if i were talking about "me" all the time, i certainly would blame you for closing out your window in my face because that's just who i would be.  at that time.  i'm pretty sure that would be the last you'd ever check in with my blog.  and that kind of makes me sad because it really infers a shallowness to my persona that i don't ever want to be accused of having. 

i guess what i'm saying is...

thanks for coming back, peeps.  it's nice to know you're interested in me, not for a white bikini, but for my experiences, or suggestions, or blog sharing. 

i'm not saying i am the best blogger, but i know i could be worse.  so as long as i can minutely amuse you every other time, then i will be satisfied in my vocal-via-written work of art.  knowing that you must like me for reasons beyond me telling you how awesome i am makes me feel a little more complex and spiritually voluminous.  and awesome.  hahahaha. you are awesome.

small talk isn't a gift unless you lack the skills to do so.  if you lack the ability to recognize you lack the skills to make small talk... well then, heaven help you.  small talk says a lot about a person.  i hope your small talk is good... it'll rope people in or fence people off.  and if you're really good, you have the skill to make it really good when it counts, or really bad to get out of things. 

but if it's only ever about you and that "white bikini"... count me out.  SHOW ME THE RED CIRCLE!

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