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Friday, October 22, 2010

it's frideeeeeeeeeee

in my head i'm totally breaking into song right now.
and it's totally NKOTB...
"you got the right stuff... baby.  you're the reason why i sing this song."

my ode to frideeeeeee.

work is always better on frideeeeee. 
the sun is shining through my window at work and i feel all warm and cozy this morning.
everyone talks about their weekend and it's that extra bit of excitement that helps us all get through this final weekly workday.

family. family. family.
these next ten days is all about the family.

aunts in from washington state. 
little brother and SIL in from washington state.
tackle playoffs.
NAVY vs. Duke.
family dinners.
family fun.
family stuff.

busy, busy.
and also super duper.

i mean... we start these 10 days like this...

fresh cider from the farm tonight.  slow cooked on the stove.  cinnamon stick in tow.  and oh, did i mention, a bit of spiced rum in there too?  i'll be enjoing that while my kiddies paint their pumpkins tonight with their cousins.


here are pics from last week's festivities.
in a previous post from this week there was a group shot of the nieces/nephews from the pumpkin patch.

here are pics post-pumpkin-patch (PPP)...
caramel apples are a must.
every fall.

eye spy a tooth.
not a nut.
{well nuts too, but specifically a tooth.}
more specifically ethan's tooth.
he was so sweaty {shocker} because he feared he swallowed it.
but as you can see from above... it was nestled safely in the bed of caramel.


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