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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

gloom does not = doom

gloomy days kinda rock my world.
they help me relax.
they definitely help me enjoy my coffee just a wee bit more.
today is dark, gloomy, and wet.
my world has been rocked.

walking into work today i stepped into a huge puddle.
i'm not wearing socks.
i'm wearing flats.
and pants just a tad too long.
{which are now wet.}

all that aside...

it's a great morning.
the dog slept until 7am.
i stopped and got an extra large coffee this morning.

and the best part?

it's hump day.
a day closer to my weekend.
a day closer to my sanity.
a day closer to seeing my little brother for the first time in a year.
today gloom = one step closer to huggin' on my brobro
***break break***

if you ever have a chance to hang with wendy & tyler = blue lily,
i suggest you do.

we had the most awesome time with them this weekend.
the kids made me invite them to dinner the next time they are in town.
that is how awesome they are.
that my KIDS want them over for dinner.

cannot wait to see the results.

i've got christmas-like anxiety running through my veins!

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