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Friday, September 24, 2010


i hate it.
i hate the smell.
i hate the sound.
i hate it all.

i hate when people smack it around in their mouths.
i hate when people play with it in their mouth with their hands.  and then touch something communal.


today i stepped in gum.
in my favorite flats.
fresh, minty, green, stretchy, gummy gum.
my shoes are ruined.
who in their right mind still spits that jank in parking lots?
why wouldn't you just spit it in the trash can RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

i'm beyond pissed.
between my disgust of gum and the nastiness of getting it off my shoes,
i have determined my favorite flats will go right into the trash tonight.

it is sad.
it is unfortunate.
it is all somewhat depressing.

i stepped in gum.
when you have a gum phobia/disgust, this is a horrible experience.
when you have to throw out your favorite shoes, it's doubly horrible.

woe is me today, woe.  is.  me.
at least i have shoes, right?
i know, i know.

happy freaking friday.

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