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Monday, September 27, 2010

freaking october. almost.

is it seriously almost october?
what the freak?
i had loads of time.
other priorities on the burners.
i had no idea october was this week.

i'm t-minus 2 weeks and 5 days until my peeps...
is here.
and taking pictures of my family.

oh wait... what is that, you ask?
what will my family be wearing that nice, fine, october day?

freak if i know.
i just figured out october was this week.

and now i have hit sheer panic.

i scheduled this back in march.
how are we already at OCTOBER?

i have tons of novel ideas about how to dress my small family,
but nothing really.... how do you say....


can you believe that jank?
{i am janky}

oh my.
i slack so effortlessly.
unknowingly effortlessly slackified.
and full o' panic.

i hope i do not disappoint.
i have worked this up in my mind since MARCH.
freaking blizzard-induced-photofest-obsession-o-mine.

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