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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

double F.

i'm a mom to a third grader this year.
third grade to a child is the equivalent of law school to an adult.
{roll with it.}
my son is fantastic in math and science.
english and history... another subject.

yesterday was back-to-school night.
a chance to figure out what i need to work on at home with ethan.
like, *coughcough*, the two "F"s he came home with over the last week.


i had heart failure this last week. 
an F in english and an F in science.
everything else came home with As on them. 
help me make sense of this.

the science F was a mystery since i know my boy "gets" the subject.  it boiled down to him rushing through the work b/c he didn't like his partner on the assignment.  not good, but ok, at least i know he "gets" the stuff.

the english F was a complete misinterpretation of the directions.  he didn't know that he misunderstood it.  how do you fix this?

last night.  back to school night.  my chance to express concern... i mean, they asked me if i had questions or concerns, so this was obviously what they wanted to hear, right?  so there i go all voicing concern over my son getting Fs on work...

do you know what each of them told me?

"Mrs. Hamako it was only one "F" in each subject!  You're freaking out over nothing, the school year has just started.  It's not a big deal AT ALL."

W. T. F????????????????????

Teachers telling me that I'm blowing an "F" out of proportion.  I was beyond confused.  They told me it would be ridiculous to punish him and blow this up into something it's really not.  WHAT?!!  if "F"s don't matter, why have them, let alone in RED marker on his paper?

ethan knows that if he gets any more of these "F"ing grades that we'll be seeing less of this...

and more of this....

isn't that the right thing to do when bad grades come home?
or do you agree that i am just blowing this out of proportion?

going from the "E/S/T" grade scale to this one has me freaked out.
"F"s are "F"s for a reason.
don't you agree?!


  1. Ok- scrolling down to see the gigantic library had me laughing... but the F's would have me worried too! I didn't even know they started giving F's in 3rd grade! What. the. F???

  2. I would send that kid to boarding school!!! :) hahahaha, I think it's WAY ok to make a big deal over an word. I can't believe the teachers didn't back you up! If my parents made a big deal over F's, I would have hit up Harvard instead of freaking GMU! :) hahahaha

    I LOVE that library pic. Can I go there?

  3. Um. Yeh. I agree....if the Fs weren't a big deal, then why the hell did they feel the need to plaster them all over the poor guy's paper?! Ridiculous....and, I would have, like you, been FURIOUS that the teachers told me it was no a teacher myself, I say BIGGIE, and good for you for letting him know how important his school work is...I give an F to those teachers for their performance at your back to school night!!