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Sunday, September 19, 2010


football is our life.
our life.
at least lately.

{so much our life that i seriously lined these puppies up just for a pic}

i'm good with that because i love it.
thankfully i have an appreciation for not only watching my child play out there, but for the actual game itself.  it just makes the day that much better.

yesterday was flippin' crazy.  buddy, our old-new pooch, has not been adjusting well to being back with us full-time.  poor feller didn't even know it was coming -- his sleep schedule has definitely jacked up our sleep schedule.  he was {un}happy to be up at 4am, which meant most of us were also up at 4am... football caravan up the road at 7am, game at 9am, an hour trip south to get changed in 25 mins so we could get to a birthday party at 1pm, ocktoberfest... never pm.  {while it looked like a ton of fun, it did not look like a ton of fun with kids.}

i felt so old yesterday.  where is my stamina?! other people had kids out at oktoberfest... you know... all while sloshing beer around in their 12" steins.  what was my problem?!

i'm old and shattered.
bad knees.
bad back.
bad neck.
horribly pathetic, i know.

look at this boy...
i forgo things like oktoberfest in lieu of this...

he's so worth it.
i mean, seriously...
he's like dessert.
so yummy.

and for moments like this:

pump. it. up.

and then, to see him come through the victory arch at the end... it's like waiting for someone at the airport.
i. love. it!

and while all of this football stuff is going on, if you look behind you, you can see stuff like this:

the girls built a shanty town out of leftover pieces of the banner.
it was great b/c it meant they weren't complaining the entire time about how much they hate football.

and we are lucky enough to have some great supporters!
here is my man with his madre and our oldest nephew:

love the madness this season creates.
i mean, without it... i might have no life.
because football is also how i met some awesomely fantastic women.
love every s e c o n d of it.

{even though i'm {old and} usually zonked out by 8:30pm on days like this.}

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