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Monday, August 16, 2010

when you really... love a woman...

when you love your family, you do anything for them.
like spending a ton of moola at dinner to celebrate your sister's 30th birthday.
and more specifically, to throw her off the scent of her surprise party.

totally worth it.

you can read her side of the story here...

but one thing i want to add to her side of the story is that her family {me in particular} loves her too much to not throw her a party.  while she was upset that we weren't having a surprise party, how did she know we weren't having one? 

i'll tell you how she didn't know.....  because i am that good.

yes, yes, i rocked it.

{ok, ok, i give... her hubby was awesome too}

surprises are surprises, DRE... and i'm pretty sure we gotcha good.  all in the name of love.

i'm so happy to have you in my club.
the 30 and over "D" club.
you were the last to arrive but the first to be surprised.
doesn't it feel good?

1 comment:

  1. you got me. you got me GOOOOOD. and i love you for it.