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Friday, August 27, 2010

here's the deal.

i'm a bit of a big talker.  i have plans, LOTS of plans.  plans and lists and plans and more lists.  it's how i roll.  i'm a mom and moms have plans.

mom plans.
wife plans.
me plans.
work plans.
house plans.
shopping plans.
friend plans.
damn plans.

i try, ya'll.  i have so much going on in this little tiny brain of mine, yet everytime i put it to paper, i come out with horribly janky ideas.  paragraphs.  blogs.

it's pathetic.

i have tried three times to write a coherent blog entry about my kids' first days of school, or ethan's eighth birthday and the guilt associated with NOT throwing him a big ole' bash this year... and even a blog about having too much to blog about. 

damned if you do, damned if you don't.

blog dryspells to overwhelming blog ideas.  both ending in nada.  nunca.  nil.  zippy.  zap.  ZERO.

but let me just explain something (reference picture below):

it's this time of year again.  it's a big deal.  new coach, new teammates, new attitude.
it's been awesome.  it's been tiring.  it's been completely consuming.

i'll get back on track.  but i'm going to stop making promises to you.  i love you too much to break your heart like that.


  1. Great post...perhaps because i relate! :) I'm not a football widow...the kiddos are nowhere close to football yet...but the lists... the grand ideas, etc... totally me. :) thanks for sharing and thereby making me feel normal.

  2. hahaha i'm finding that moms are most normal when we feel totally not normal. that's a good thing... i think!