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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Failure that was more like a win.

So I totally failed you. Instead of hanging out at home yesterday, wallowing in my own dental sorrows and blogging away, I took my smallest bambina out to get a new oufit for her first day of preschool. Yes, I totally just under prioritized you.

So off we went, to the mall. Oye. The mall with my fashionista four year old. It took HOURS. That girl loves jewels, and shoes, and clothes, and... THE MALL. Time of her life, I tell ya... Just her and her mom.

I was just as happy as she was.

Even if I was drooling in public. It was totally worth it because my kid felt special which definitely helped make today's drop off at preschool a lot easier on everyone.

More on that later.

As I sign off tonight I warn you that tonight's entry was done on my iPhone. Please forgive any errors you might catch. I was way too lazy to get up and fetch the laptop. The first week of school hits ALL of us like a ton of bricks. No judging, please.

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