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Friday, July 9, 2010

train. wreck.

tomorrow we leave for the beach.
it's g-awful timing.

i will try, try, try for my kids, to put the train wreck at work completely out of my head so i have a chance of enjoying this week long trip to obx.  work related train wrecks don't just suck because they suck, they suck because that's all that sits on your mind.  it's all you can focus on.  it's all your energy put into one horrible...... train wreck.  

no time for blogging.
no time for cooking.
no time for going to the pool.
no time for hanging out.

no time?  NO ENERGY!

it's friday night.  i leave at 0700 tomorrow.  kids are packed.  crafts are packed (they make mandatory afternoons in the house bearable).  snacks are packed.  CAR snacks are not packed.  mom and dad are not packed.  the house is a wreck.  laundry needs folded.  i'm a tired old bag.  

if i could take you all in person, i totally would.  since i can't, i will try to post from the beach.  you know, those mindless, silly, random kinds of postings.  and i write that now in case i drunk-blog.  you never know.

and because i can, here is a picture of my dear sophie...
she definitely thought i needed a laugh.
sho' did.
i love my little monkey.

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  1. For me, packing for a trip is like running a marathon (not that I have any idea what it is like to run a marathon). For about a week, I run, run, run to pack the whole world for my family of five, plus I feel I need to put the house in order (that way if I never return home, no one else will find out that I don't keep my house picked up). That and the fact that it feels good to come home to a clean house. Too bad it never lasts past the unloading of the car! Happy vacation to you!

    (I am bloghopping from Cjane's "We're On Our Way Over" post.)