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Monday, July 5, 2010

fifth. and i pit you not.

today is the fifth of july.
life has slowed down.
all that's on my schedule today is taking the kids to swim lessons.
thankfully, they'll have two back-to-back.
i'll have some tuckered out babes tonight.
thank goodness.

this weekend ended my crazy week.  it was a crazy ending to that crazy week.  especially for my kids.  long days, no naps, lots of sugar.  the downward spirals were awful and frequent.  sheer exhaustion.  irrational fits.  i put myself on suicide watch.

 what's a 4th of july without floating around a pool?
it's what i did as a kid every single year.
it was awesome.

these two.
i love these faces.
she may be totally sassy, but she is also a heartbreaker.

i am totally aware my cake is not to scale.
but it was  so totally awesome you wouldn't have noticed. i know i sure didn't.

the kids hanging with their grandma at her booth.
she has the only store in this new village so we had a prime viewing location.

see note below.

that dog is half-pit, half dachshund.  i pit you not.
her name is chica.
she is built like an iron horse.
a sight to see.
her mom bore three litters of this new breed.  accidental breed.
one of chica's siblings was the size of a basset hound.
again, i pit you not.
chica is the only one that has the brindle coloring.
she was awesome.

i hope you had a fantastic fourth and that it lived up to all that it should have.  because we all deserve to have our holidays live up to all the holiday hype. 

and just because i can, i'm slipping in the one picture i got with my man this weekend:

love you, babe.

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