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Friday, July 2, 2010

red, white, and blue.

talk about a stressful week.
i haven't forgotten about you.
i am so busy with worry that i run out of time to blog.

{like how i was up from midnight - 4am the other night.  any other time i would use those precious/sleepless hours to start crafting a blog entry.  this time i was fraught with worry.}

on this fourth of july weekend, remember to be thankful for the freedom we have.  for the willing volunteers that fight for that freedom each and every day.  those barrel chested freedom fighters make this life possible.  they are far more selfless than i could ever be. and maybe you, too?  it puts a lot of what i'm going through in life right now into great perspective.

to my brothers that are deployed, i love you.  come home safely and remember... we are eternally grateful for your sacrifices.  whether you like to consider them as such or not, you have given up so much to keep our country strong and land safe.  we are forever proud.

happy birthday, america!

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