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Monday, June 28, 2010

odd math.

sometimes i lose focus.  i thought i was over that, but alas, i have been shown that i am far from over it.  thank you, Lord, for showing me how pitiful my whining is.

i am the luckiest mom in the world.  i have three smart, witty, funny, and FUN children around {there is a difference between FUN and FUNNY, believe me.}

i am not perfect.

sometimes i forget how lucky i am.  oftentimes it is proven to me in a hard-knock lesson.  

today was a hard knock-lesson.

i was assertive at work today, as many of you know that i can be.  i am usually assertive at work but i don't usually deal with a certain set of specific individuals.  these individuals have no appreciation for assertive women.  {ok, so it's not their thing.  i get that.}  i don't push myself into their conversations.  i don't outwardly scoff at their ideas.  i don't get in their bid'ness.  but they like to get in mine.

one of these guys is the same guy that asked me how my father-in-law was doing.  he caveated it by saying, "i mean, i don't really care but it's my job to ask."  

{thank goodness you didn't reproduce}

so why would i want to divulge my personally horrible news to someone that just told me he doesn't even care about it?  why would someone even open their mouth?

because he was being assertive.  because we were both waiting on print jobs and he felt the need to drum up pointless conversation because he is assertive and uncomfortable with silence.  and an ass.

today that same individual treated me like his personal secretary.  love it.  i mean, nothing says "demeaning" like "write this for me and email it to me so i can sign it."   you have got to be kidding me.  i was assertive.   and papa didn't like it.

i stand by my decision.  but apparently there are several parties now involved to determine if i was in the wrong or if i was correct.  i'd be lying if i said i wasn't a little bit stressed out by this.  you never know with these people.  it's very political and left for much interpretation, {should you be the type that is convinced that lemons can make both lemonade AND apple juice}.

apples = applejuice
lemons = lemonade....  
and applejuice?


i came home to three adorably sweet peas today.

they cried for me.

they saw their mom a wreck and wanted to take that pain away.

THIS is what defines me.
THIS is what matters in my life.
THIS is the reminder i needed about my frustration level at home.

family is important.
they are your biggest cheerleaders.
they are your biggest support system.
they love you unconditionally.
they make life worth living.

as tough as today was, it was the kick in the ass i needed to realize i have no right to whine as much as i do about the constant whining at home.   because let me just tell you... the whining from my coworkers is far worse.

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