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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


thanks to modwalls i have decided to take on a home project.
over the last few months my poor house has been neglected.
i've decided to un-neglect it... and then some.

i have always wanted to create a tile backsplash in my kitchen so i took the leap and purchased my tile.

i'll take before and after pics...
but i'll only post them if it turns out well.
i'm selfish like that.

my style is more flavorful than most.  i love color {don't believe me?  just check out my etsy favorites}.  but while we're not talking ROY G BIV here, the color is also nothing close to taupe.

wish me luck!  i'm a bit sceered about something so big.  but it's nothing compared to karen over at theartofdoingstuff.

she is my personal hero.
she went from this...

to this...

by HERself.
pretty freaking fantastic.

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