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Monday, June 21, 2010

oh no, no, noooooo

i never said i was perfect.
like... in a million years ever.

i vent.
i'm human.
i am far from perfect.

i do a lot of hard work on the inside before i decide to post things.  
but it doesn't mean that my posts are politically correct, morally correct, or anything of the sort.

they are a reflection of me, however.

i write this blog to express what i feel on paper -- as a memory jogger -- as a physical reminder of what i have to do (keep doing) every day to be a healthy mom to my kids... and slowly to be a healthy wife to my husband.  that's something that has gone to the wayside lately.  not by choice, however.

i am lucky to come home to three small peas and a husband (occasionally, a husband) each and every day.  with the crazy schedule that leads our lives, we see very little of each other.  that little leads to a whole lotta stress.

but that's normal.  i miss his face.  {best. dimples. ever.}

i posted an entry a couple of weeks ago and showed a little passive aggression on here.  i wish i were perfect.  i mean, i'm sure if he were to ever actually read my blog he might be upset by my seething tone.  but he doesn't, which is why my blog is somewhat of a safe haven for me.

so don't judge me.

i'm not perfect.  oh no, no, nooooooo... i never said i was.  as long as i work towards it, isn't that just as good? 

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