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Saturday, May 8, 2010


farmer's market + perfect weather = relaxation.  

but if you change the formula to: 

farmer's market + perfect weather + 2 small girls...

you don't get relaxation.  not really even a little bit of it.

farmer's market + perfect weather + 2 small girls = frustration.

5 steps into the market and this is what i hear...

emma: "I'm so thirrrrrrrrrrrrsty"
emma: "I'm so hoooooooooot"
emma: "This is borrrrrrrrrring"
emma: "I have to peeeeeeeeeee"

damnit jim, this is exactly when i didn't want to take kids.  their faces are just too cute when they are begging me to go.  and not only that, they LIE to me.  THEY LIE TO ME... "we won't complain, i PROMISE!"

why do i believe them? 

am i just a sucker for cute faces?

and then it always comes down to bribery...

me: "see those cookies? if you make it through the whole market without complaining ONE MORE TIME i'll buy you each a bag to take home."

pavlov's dog?
who, me?

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